Proline we’re asked to provide large oversized centre door knobs to apartment entrance doors for one of its Care home developers, whilst also complying with their other requirements, including hollow rather than solid because of door weight parameters, a particular shape and pattern to compliment the door set. Proline then worked closely with their client to reproduce the end product in a rich bronzed finish.

The Bronzing Process.

The bronze is stripped of any lacquer or original finish using chemicals and a polishing mop and everything then gets dipped in a strong commercial detergent and then de-greased.

It is then immersed in a water based bronzing solution and worked continuously while in the fluid until the desired colour is achieved. It is then cleaned using a mild detergent and de-greaser and the sealed with coat of our bronze sealer to hold the colour at that stage.

The metal work can also be “aged” at this stage by rubbing techniques if client requries.


Refinshed in Bronze

Spec. written


Out of hours install