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Classic SINGLE Pocket Door System

Single pocket doors offer a space-saving and stylish solution

Sliding pocket doors are a perfect space-saving alternative to a traditional hinged door for downstairs toilets, utility rooms, bathrooms, en-suites, storerooms and pantries, walk-in wardrobes, in fact they are ideal for any room where you wish to maximise the usable floor space in a property.

The Eclisse single sliding pocket door system is quick and easy to install. The beauty of the Eclisse system is that there are kits that will fit 10 standard UK door panel sizes and 3 standard ROI door panel sizes.

This means you have the freedom to use our system with an existing standard door panel you may already have, or to match the door you use with other doors in your property.

There is also a fire-rated version available.

SINGLE FIRE-RATED Pocket Door System -New Jambs & Architrave

The independently fire-tested and certified Eclisse Pocket Door System – Fire-Rated Single (FD 30)

This sliding pocket door system has been designed specifically for your own 30 minute fire rated doors (FD30 ). It includes all the benefits of the standard Eclisse Classic Pocket Door System plus a specially designed jamb/architrave kit made from a high-density slow burning hardwood.

Compatible and certified for use with the BIAS Soft-Close Anti-Slam

Now includes a choice of white or brown intumescent seals 

Refer to the report below for information on which non-essential hardware (i.e. push plates, kick plates, surface mounted pull handles, recessed pull handles) has been approved for use.

If you would like any further information regarding the FD30 pocket door systems, please contact our sales team.

Classic DOUBLE Pocket Door System

Double pocket doors allow you the freedom to change your room from open plan to cosy in one easy movement without constraining your room layout.

Imagine opening up and closing off different areas of your layout in an instant, with doors that are there when you need them, and slide into a pocket in the wall when you don’t. And because the doors slide into a pocket in the wall, the doors themselves do not take up valuable space in the room when they are open.

The Eclisse double sliding pocket door system can also be installed against an existing masonry wall by simply creating a false stud wall alongside the existing masonry one. All you need to do is to construct the frame in exactly the same way, still applying plasterboard to both sides of the frame for strength.  By doing this you will only be adding 100mm thickness to the existing wall.

This is nothing compared to the space you will save by installing pocket doors instead of traditional hinged doors!

Classic DOUBLE FIRE-RATED Pocket Door System

The independently fire-tested and certified ECLISSE Pocket Door System – Fire-Rated Double (FD30). Compatible and certified for use with the BIAS Soft-Close Anti-Slam

The ECLISSE Classic Double Fire-rated Pocket Door System uses our high quality, comprehensively tested pocket door frame with specially designed high density  fire-resisting jambs and architrave.

Note: The frame is 70mm and requires two layers of 12.5mm fireboard either side to give a finished wall thickness of 120mm.

This system comes supplied with  all the necessary intumescent strips required for installation.

Syntesis® Flush SINGLE Pocket Door System

The Syntesis® Flush Pocket Door System

A perfect solution for bathrooms, en-suites, utility rooms, walk in wardrobes, in fact, anywhere in a property where you wish to better use space that would otherwise be taken up by the swing of a hinged door.

The Syntesis® Flush Pocket Door system provides you with a door that is there when you need it, and that is capable of blending, almost disappearing into its surroundings. When you open it, it disappears into a pocket in the wall. The perfect disappearing act!

Space-saving and discrete, the single Syntesis® Flush Pocket Door system gives you more options.

More layout options and more design options.

Syntesis® Flush DOUBLE Pocket Door System

The Eclisse Syntesis® Flush Pocket Door System without jambs or architraves

Using the Double Syntesis® Flush Pocket Door System you can create an open plan space with areas that can be closed off when required, creating a layout that is more versatile and multi-functional.

Paint your doors the same colour as the wall and the doors will blend into the background when closed. When you open the doors they will slide into pockets in the wall. Use a contrasting colour and the doors become a feature. The choice is yours.