Automatic swinging doors can be used in all kinds of applications such as; Main Entrance Doors, Internal doors within commerical buildings, disabled toilet doors, high end residential and can be fully automatic or low energy.

Automatic Doors, the benefits:

  • Young children or the elderly may not have the strength to open heavy fire doors. Door operators can alleviate this issue.
  • Door automation can improve movement through buildings and walkways with high volumes of traffic.
  • Door operators are vital for providing ease of access to both elderly and disabled people and meeting the requirements of DDA.
  • They can be easily interfaced with your access control and building management systems to provide a secure and easy to use the entrance.

Many people believe that automatic doors are too expensive and costly to maintain and for this reason they avoid installing automatic doors. But, that’s not true, automatic doors offer convenience, safety and save significant amount of energy. Many commercial spaces prefer to install automatic doors at the entrance to make a positive first impression on customers.

At Doorway Services, we believe that the entrance of any commercial building is the most important aspect of security and also a good entrance always makes a good first impression on visitors. So a person should never compromise with the entrance of the residence.

Automatic doors are beneficial for commercial areas in many different ways. Here are some reasons which show why automatic doors installation is beneficial for your commercial space.

Space Management
Many buildings have limited space and it therefore becomes hard to manage the limited space; automatic doors provide an ideal solution for such spaces. Installation of automatic sliding doors in your premises does not need extra space but traditional doors do.

An automatic door solves the problem of having to manually open a heavy door; they are hands-free, convenient and easy to use. Automatic doors provide a hassle free entrance to elderly and disabled customers, and people carrying heavy luggage or children.

Doorway services manufacture automatic doors that are well equipped with safety features. The features of automatic doors include sensors, timers, and wireless remote control to enable you to lock and unlock the doors without being physically present. Automatic doors provide you the peace of mind that your office or business is in safe hands.

Energy Saving
There is no denying that automatic doors are a bit costly than manual doors, but they can help reduce energy bills. Automatic doors save energy in many effective ways and reduce the cost of heating and cooling. The door opens only when someone enters and closes after the person passes through it. This feature of automatic doors eliminates the probability of doors being left open and therefore reduce wastage of energy and loss of heat or air conditioning.

Makes Traffic Flow Easy
Commercial spaces such as schools, shops, offices, universities, theatres, and airports, the traffic flow gets high during the busy hours. Customers struggle at such places to pass each other through manual doors or revolving doors. Automatic doors are an excellent option for controlling pedestrian traffic flow and reducing congestion. They can keep the traffic free-flowing by providing an easy walk through entry and exit way.

If you run a business that has premises that are open to the public then accessibility should be a major concern for you. Is it easy for people to get in to your premises? Whether you run a shop, a hotel, a restaurant, or any other form of public facing business, simple accessibility upgrades such as automatic sliding doors could make a big difference to the way people view your company.